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What is my "Why"?

Simon Sinek says that every one of us should answer our Why? Here is mine:

I strive to work with leaders who want to lead well, and inspire others.

My Back-Story

One of my passions is supporting new leaders. When I was first appointed as a formal leader, I was proud and confident. But, then the hard work started. I quickly realized that I was in a complex situation with no easy answers. I wanted to lead well and effectively. I didn't know who to turn to. To add to my (self-imposed) pressure, I was going to be evaluated by the very person who was supposed to be my support system.  How could I let my boss know that "The Empress Had No Clothes?"

How did that story end?  I muddled through my first years, and went on to complete many years in varied leadership roles. I realized that a command and control leadership style was NEVER going to be my way of being in the world.  I found friends and trusted colleagues who helped me find my path as a leader. It was rewarding, hard work. 


My leadership journey would have been greatly improved by the support of a coach, someone who was non-judgmental, held confidential space for me to try out ideas and was a sounding board and thought partner when I just needed to figure things out. Things like time management, balance, the politics, having a good and productive staff meeting, dealing with difficult people, etc. You undoubtedly could add a few more to this list!  

I want to be that coach for you!

Working with you as a client allows me to grow with you as you grow and find your why. I celebrate each success you achieve. I can't wait to begin this journey together.  Ask yourself the following question:


What is your Why?  What kind of leader are you aspiring to become?


Can you see it? That's the leader in you. Let's begin, and uncover this extraordinary leader!

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