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Using an Online Application System

Using An Online Application System?

Many employers use an online system to help sift and screen through many applications. The system allows them to find the first group of applicants who are the best fit for a position. Sounds pretty impersonal, doesn’t it? How can you make sure you are considered for jobs?

Ideally, you will have an opportunity to attach your resume and a cover letter, in addition to other documents. Using KEY WORDS will help your resume and cover letter come through the first screening process and into the hands of a “human” who will have a closer look.

What should you consider?

1. Make sure you actually are a fit for the position.

Do your skills and background make you a great candidate for the job? The job posting is the employer's "wish list". You should have many of the qualifications, but if you don't have them all, you should still apply.

For example, even though you have always wanted to make Widgets, but you have never made one, maybe the position of Chief Widget Maker is not appropriate for you! However, a position on the Widget Assembly Crew might be a perfect place to start.

2. Look at words used in the job posting.

It is pretty easy to know if you have the training for a position. But, what about the “soft skills” listed?

Pay close attention to words being used in the job posting. Words such as “creative”, “detail oriented”, “innovative”, “flexible”, or any others are specific to the requirements of the position. Ensure that you have these skills, by thinking about a practical example from your background. Then, let these words take center stage in your resume….but only if they are true about you!

Do not “hide” words in your resume to try to trick the computer into finding you!

3. Use the format required.

Most online application formats require you to add your information based on their online format. Although these can be frustrating to use, it pays to have all of your information at hand, so that you can complete the form readily. Attach all required documents, always!

Using these three tips will help you shine!

Need some additional help with your resume? Contact Kerry at Black Ink Coaching today!

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